Sunday, June 8, 2014

Post #25- End of the Year Reflection

Wow, it's really hard to believe that we have finally reached the very last blog post of the year.  For this post, we were assigned several questions to answer that reflect on our 20 time experience.  

1. Overall, what is your opinion of 20 Time based on YOUR experience in class?

20 time was really a great experience for me.  Although I wasn't a fan of it at times throughout the year, I really have learned a lot from both my project, and my classmates' projects.  I mainly learned about motivation from my project, and from seeing what some of my classmates have done, I have really learned that anything is possible with some hard work.  Even for students who chose not to have a monumental project (which I'll admit, includes me), so much can be learned by just witnessing other people's projects.

2. What are some aspects of 20 Time that you think should be adjusted for students next year?

The toughest part of the project, for me, was trying to think of a project at the beginning of the year.  Because of this, I started to do a project that I really was not interested or passionate about at all.  In future years, I recommend doing more in the beginning of the year to help students find a project that really suits their interests.  Of course, one thing that could be done would be to show students some of the projects from this year, for a source of inspiration.

In addition, the 20 time class periods should be adjusted.  We started to do this at the end of the year, but students should start giving mini presentations every few weeks to demonstrate what they have done so far.  But, as always, most of the class period should be dedicated to their projects.

3. What are some aspects of 20 Time that should NOT be changed for students next year?

Honestly, almost everything should stay the same about 20 time.  One thing that I thought was nearly perfect about 20 time was the end of the year talk.  Giving my 20 time talk gave me some public speaking experience and really allowed my to reflect on what I had learned.  And, as I mentioned earlier, I learned so much from other people's projects and presentations.  

4. Is 20 Time something that more students should do in school? Please explain why or why not.

Yes! It gave all of us an opportunity to do something creative in school and do something that we are actually passionate about.  Those of us who didn't do much learned to really jump on opportunities in the future.  

5. What advice would you give to students who are doing 20 Time next year?

First of all, I would recommend to take time and think of a really great project.  If students have trouble thinking of a project like I did, I would suggest thinking of any issue that they wish they could solve and do something to solve it.  There are a countless number of great projects that could be done by simply doing something to help solve a local or even worldwide problem.

Also, be positive about 20 time!  It is a great opportunity, and those of us who sat and complained that we don't have time and that the project is pointless and that we could be doing better things on a Friday in English class and that we don't feel like writing blog posts and blah blah blah got basically no where this year.  This is personal experience.  I will admit that I AM A COMPLAINER and because of this I DID NOT REACH MY FULL POTENTIAL with this project.  I could have done so much more this year if I used my hours of complaining actually doing something worthwhile.   

Monday, May 26, 2014

Post #24- So much Nervousness

I can't believe I'm saying this, but tomorrow, I will be giving my 20 time talk.  We've come so far this year, and I really hope that I wrap up the year well with my talk.  I've gotten good feedback on my presentation, but I hope that I am not too nervous to do well tomorrow.  I hate the fact that I'm so nervous about being nervous!

Since the last post, we've actually had 2 band concerts, which both went pretty well.   The only other "performance" that we still have is playing in graduation, which shouldn't be too difficult.  But, I also have my symphony band audition coming up next week.  I'm already in symphony band, but this audition will determine my chair placement for the beginning of next school year.  I have a really good chance of getting a high placement, so I will practice a lot to make sure that I do.  I'm really hoping that the work I have done with this project will show through my audition.

Over the summer, I hope to continue my project in dedication to the flute.  Hopefully, my flute will not develop cobwebs over the summer, which is basically what has happened in previous summers.  I'm typically busy during the summer, but I will still easily be able to find practice time, which I hope to take advantage of.  Anyway, I am so happy that I chose to pursue this project after abandoning the old project.  I feel so much happier knowing that I've done something that I'm actually passionate about, and can continue even though 20 time is coming to a close.

Post #23- Post Show Blues

Since my last blog post, the musical has sadly ended.  It was a great experience and actually so much more fun than I thought it would be.  Although I wasn't on stage, I actually felt like I was a part of the show.  The slightly annoying show tunes have been stuck in my head for about 3 weeks straight now, but I love it all anyway.  I am so happy that I was able to play in the pit for the musical, and I plan on doing the musical for my remaining years in high school, even without 20 time.  We only had to rehearse for a few weeks, but I still miss it so much already.  

In other news, I've been working on my 20 time talk a lot lately.  It's all about motivation because along the way in this project, I have learned so much about how to become more motivated.  I'm also talking a lot about my previous project, the cupcake business because even though it was an utter failure, I learned a little something from it, which is great.  I really like the direction that my talk is going, but I just hope it doesn't sound too scripted when I give it in front of the class.  

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Post #22- Almost Time for the Show

Last week was Spring Break, and I was actually pretty productive with the flute on the days that I was home.  I practiced the music for the upcoming musical because a lot of the parts are very difficult.  Fortunately, we play with professional musicians in the show, and one of the flute players is actually my flute teacher.  So, she knows the music well and was able to help me learn a lot of it at my lesson last week.  Even though she has the same part as me, I want to be able to play as much of the music as possible, even though I do not necessarily have to since she is playing the same part.

The musical actually opens this week, and I am very excited to play in it.  The music is a lot of fun, and will probably be even more fun with an audience.  But, this week will be very busy, starting with a 4 hour rehearsal on Tuesday, and a matinee performance that I will have to miss school for on Wednesday.  And, of course, we have performances all weekend.  I'm a little nervous that I will get barely any sleep this week, but I think that it will be worth it. I probably won't have any time to practice the flute at home this week, but next week, I can start focusing on my band music and my solo again.

I really hope that this week and weekend goes well, for the pit and of course the stage performers, and that many people come to the performances!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Post #21- New Challenge

Last week, we had our first three rehearsals for the musical, and it was really different from what I am used to! First of all, we went from three flutes to only one, so I had to get a more difficult part than I had before, which obviously makes it more of a challenge for me.  The most challenging part, though, is the fact that I really do have to just figure out when to come in after rests, and learn all of the rhythms truly by myself.   I am used to just waiting until other people in band come in, but now I am not able to rely on anyone other than myself to play the music correctly.  This has really been a challenge for me, but I am grateful for it because it will force me to grow as a musician.

I was planning on learning a large bulk of the music this weekend, especially since I don't have much homework, but I left all of my music at school which makes me very, very annoyed at myself.  I guess I'll have to work on it a lot this week, because we are supposed to be practicing with the stage performers starting on Wednesday.

Since there is so much music that I have to learn for the musical, I am going to really have to shift my attention away from the solo that I was working on.  I will still work on it a little bit, but honestly, the musical is my first priority; I will be performing it in less that a month (that's a scary thought...).  I hope I get a lot done this week; the music will be a lot more fun to play when I actually learn it!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Post #20- Unwanted Break

It's been two weeks since my last post which really does seem like a long time, and a lot has happened since then!  First of all, at band festival we got all ones, much to our surprise, which is the highest possible rating.  Of course, we were all ecstatic that we were able to do so well, especially since our band teacher got in a car accident and has not been in school since the start of 2nd semester.  It was really awesome to be in a band that did so well; the judges at festival can be quite harsh, and getting a one is not easy to manage.

Unfortunately, since my last post, my flute was broken to the point where it was impossible to play it, so obviously there wasn't much that I could do for this project.  But, my flute teacher was able to fix it this past Wednesday, which was relieving because I thought that I would have to send it in to get repaired.  I really haven't had much time to play the flute since I got it fixed, but I should this week.

Last week, I also received the music for the school musical and the rehearsal schedule.  The music is not ridiculously difficult, but it will take some time to learn it since it is also not necessarily easy.  So, I plan on shifting some of my attention from the solo that I am learning to the new music, so that I can have it mostly learned by our first rehearsal on April 1st.  I also had a chance to look at the rehearsal schedule, which actually is not too demanding.  The longest rehearsals are 2.5 hours, which isn't bad at all.  I am very excited to be a part of the musical this year, and I hope it is as amazing of a production as it has been in past years.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Post #19- Getting more Comfortable Playing around other People

Last week, I practiced about two hours, which was my goal.  I mainly just practiced my solo because although it is difficult, it is fun to play, whereas the band piece that I probably should have focused a little more on this week is tiring, high pitched, and a bit annoying to play, especially without the band.  I know almost the first half of the solo and I want to have it completely learned by my lesson this Wednesday.  I also need to finish learning a couple of sections in the band music this week, since festival (a band performance that is judged and rated) is coming up this Thursday.

Something that I noticed this week while practicing was that I am finally starting to get more comfortable practicing when I know that people in the house can hear me.  I used to be very comfortable with this, but since I have gotten into high school, it's been harder for me, for some reason.  I am happy that this is easier for me now, though, because it lets me practice whenever I have time, not just when I have time, and am home alone.

In other news, I signed up to potentially be a part of the pit orchestra for this year's school musical.  Last year when I went to see the musical, I could tell that it was a very talented group, and really wished that I was a part of it.  Now that I am in the higher band at school, I am invited to join pit orchestra, which I am excited to do.  I'll just have to make sure that they rehearsal schedule is not too overwhelming.  However, even if it will make me a lot more busy, I will probably still do it; I am willing to put in the time since it is something that I really want to do.